Referral Incentives

We Offer A Home Buyer Referral Incentive Program

Fill Your Neighborhood with Familiar Faces

Let your friends and family know about Fountainhead Community. You enjoy living here so might they. A happy community resident is what Fountainhead Community strives to succeed at. Now, is the time to spread the word and get compensated for it! We know that YOU are our BEST form of advertising!

The owners of Fountainhead Community appreciates your efforts in letting your friends and family know about our growing community and what we have to offer and for doing so we’d like say thank you.

If your friends or family members purchase a new home in Fountainhead Community YOU will be compensated as follows if your referral purchases:

A resale home listed through Javdeck Inc.: $250
A new single section home: $750
A new multi-section home: $1,500

This offer is open to Fountainhead Community homeowners ONLY. There is no incentive for sales made through real estate agents, on your own, or through any other source. There is no incentive if the customer has been in the before, or if we have their information in our customer database.

We are also interested in selling all of the resales which are properly listed through our office. A proper listing through our office is one where the current homeowner has signed an exclusive selling agreement with Javdeck Inc. to sell their home.

There is no incentive payment to the referring Fountainhead homeowner if the customers fails to complete their part of the contract. ( ie. Customer fails to move in by contracted date, etc.)

You will be compensated the stated incentive amount within 30 business days of the move-in date of the customer prospect you have introduced. There are no split incentives, only ONE (1) Fountainhead homeowner per customer.