Pet Friendly

Fountainhead is Pet Friendly!

PETS: You Luv ‘Em, We Luv ‘Em Too

The American Kennel Club calls a well-behaved pet that is enjoyed by people other than its owners a “Canine Good Citizen” WE SAY that this can only be accomplished with good training and the consideration of others by the pet owner.  In compliance with NJ Statutes, we have written and enforce the following standards that are intended to appeal to responsible pet owners and their neighbors.

People who love their pets, like we do, often ask if their responsibilities will differ when they move to Fountainhead. These common-sense, Neighborly guidelines have served us well for many years.  We recently acknowledged that a second pet within the long-existing size limits would be acceptable also.  We have updated our pet regulations as follows:

Fountainhead Pet Regulations

Up to 2 domestic dogs or cats, or one domestic dog and one domestic cat provided the dog is no larger than 18 inches at the shoulder and 35 pounds at full size.  Fountainhead must consent to the pet before it’s your pet.

We must say no to “pit bulls”, American Staffordshire Terriers, or other breeds perceived to be vicious.  No cats larger than 15 pounds at maturity.

All the rest of the pet guidelines read like your township pet ordinance where you live now: Pick up after it, don’t leave it alone outside, keep it’s vaccinations up to date, short leash, maintain control, pay a small monthly fee. No doghouse or dog run. The same for cats.

No reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, or other non-domestic house pet, exotics or farm animals.  No pet or animal may be caged or otherwise contained by a fence or barrier on the lot.

Responsible Pet Owners, Please Join our Neighborhood.

All manufactured home communities, mobile home parks, land-leased communities must keep a written set of rules and regulations and must uniformly encourage and pursue homeowner tenant compliance with them. The above is an excerpt from ours rules.